What is Bipolar Depression?

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Bipolar depression, in a brief definition, is a mental disorder caused by periods of  abnormal happiness mood and periods of depression.



 What are the Symptoms of bipolar depression?  

  1. Inability to experience hope, aspiration and pleasure
  2. Feeling hopeless, sad, despairing, miserable or empty,
  3. Sleep difficulties
  4. Irritability, bad temper and humor
  5. Physical and psychosocial/mental laziness as well as slowness
  6. Weakness/Fatigue or loss of energy
  7. Weight changes or Appetite
  8. Focus and memory difficulties
  9. Feelings of worthlessness or guiltiness
  10. Thoughts of death and/or suicide

What are the consequences of bipolar depression?

It is very obvious that people who experience this type of psychosocial problem (Bipolar Depression) are most likely to have complications in health, career,  relationships, and social life.  

How to manage and treat Bipolar Depression?

This type of psychosocial problem is chronic and it involves a long-term treatment that client needs to be prepared for. It is very important for clients to continue their treatment even if they feel getting better.
In most cases the psychosocial therapeutic involvement is not enough to resolve this problem; thus, it is very important to know that the most effective treatment strategy for bipolar disorder involves a combination of psychosocial counselling, medical treatment with assigned medication, changes in lifestyle, and social support. 

This type of illness could be tricky and crucial in both diagnoses and treatment so people with such illness must be carefully monitored by an experienced psychosocial therapist in bipolar depression.

What can I do in case of bipolar depression?

Diagnosing the problem earlier will help in the determination of the further psychosocial methods that could be followed as treatment. Always be sure to get the right therapist and treatment to prevent any further complications.  if you wait longer, Bipolar depression can turn you and your psychosocial well-being into a destructive situation which has negative impacts on you and people around you but it can also be treated and managed if you seek psychosocial help as soon as possible.

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