Anxiety Disorder

Dr. Hamed Psychosocial Clinic
Sometimes people may experience anxiety in their life such as fears of snakes, fears to ride planes or to go up at high rise building. These fears are normal and help humans' emotions to deal with common danger. Yet, some people may experience an excessive and irrational anxiety that develops into ongoing painful situation.

This will be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a mental health problem that needs help and psychosocial involvement.


Symptoms of Anxiety:

  1. Physical anxiety responses such as sweating, trembling/shaky, faintness, fast heartbeat, complications breathing
  2. Anxiety attacks or Panic or a fear of these attacks
  3. Avoidance: a person may go to extreme lengths to avoid a situation that they think could bring on anxiety or panic (an anxiety behavior of avoidance)

What can I do in case of Anxiety disorder?

There are many behavioral therapists who can improve your psychosocial well-being when you seek counselling. The earlier you seek for psychosocial therapy the better to overcome any anxiety disorder.

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