How to manage Family Conflicts causes and consequences?

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Conflict and disagreement among humans is part of our life. It is a natural behavior to disagree with one another and it might be okay to have a conflict and dispute among family members.

What are the causes of family conflicts?

Moving from one stage to another in our life is always creating stress and conflicts especially with families. 
  1. It can happen when family members have different opinions and views on various issues in life such as: having a new baby, buying a house, going overseas, due to financial issues, moving to another place (country), raising a child...etc.
  2. It can happen when family members have different beliefs that may lead to an argument/clash.
  3. It can happen when family members disagree on an issue or when misunderstand each other and jump to wrong judgement.

What are family conflict consequences?

When the conflict occurs among family members and no resolution happen, then it may lead to arguments, anger, difficult to control feelings, life mismanagement, damaging relations, become intentionally hurtful and sometimes abusive, aggressive or violent, stressful relationship, separation and divorce among couples.

Recommendations to manage family conflicts!

  1. Peaceful conflict resolution is very crucial methods to maintain family stability.
  2. Peaceful resolution needs skills in communication, compromise and respect for the other person’s opinion.

What can I do in case of unresolved family conflicts?

There are many behavioral therapists that can naturally improve your psychosocial well-being when you seek counselling. The earlier you seek for psychosocial and psychology counselling the better to overcome any family conflicts

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