Frequently Asked Questions
This page answers most of our clients questions regarding confidentiality, Insurance, fees and payments !

What is Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic Confidentiality Policy?
Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic is committed to keeping client information strictly confidential according to the practices outlined in the Privacy Practices document.

What is the length of each session at Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic?
Our time together is set for 50 minutes, although additional time is spent by me between sessions treatment planning and record keeping. We will be prepared to begin our meetings at the designated time we have agreed upon. We will give you our undivided attention at our sessions and will not answer phone calls.

How does Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic deals with Insurance?
Many health programs’ policies provide coverage for this type of health care service. If you have insurance, you are responsible for paying Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic your co-pay at the time of your appointment.

What are Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic Fees and Payment methods?
Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic requires a fee of the amounts of CND $150 to be paid at the initial visit. Each subsequent visit of 50 minute duration ranges from CND $150 to $250. These fees apply also to telephone consultation and to the preparation of reports and letters requiring more than 10 minutes. Full payment of your account is expected at the time services are rendered. We take cash, PayPal and credit cards

What is Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic Cancellation Policy?
In order for the therapy process to be effective, it is important to keep regular weekly sessions as scheduled. We understand that on rare occasions emergencies may arise that will make it impossible for you to keep your scheduled session. If this should happen, call Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic within 24 hours to advise us of your emergency. You have two options: 
  1. You can either reschedule your appointment by leaving two alternating times and days for that same week on Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic answering machine at 226-678-9007. If we have an opening, Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic will make every attempt to honor your rescheduling options. Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic will, of course, call you back to confirm.Or
  2. You can simply pay for the missed appointment and arrange to meet with us on your next regular scheduled appointment. Insurance companies will not pay for missed appointments.
If miss an appointment, you will be personally responsible for full payment of that time period, whether or not you have insurance.

Does Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic provides Free counselling?
Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic available to assist you by phone when necessary, at no charge, for up to 10 minutes; we ask that you limit your call to 10 minutes or schedule a separate session. Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic will respond to your call within 24 hours of receiving your message.

If you have any questions, please send us and email using the contact form. Feel free to discuss with Hamed Psychotherapy Clinic now or in the future any questions you may have about our services, policies or fees.